Business Owners Fora is your Mobile Commerce Platform for promoting products and engaging your
customers on their smartphone. It is a powerful tool for target market to your
customers and to establish a brand presence on their mobile device. Fora captures
performance analytics to help identify trends and provide insights to aid future
product selections and promotions.
The accompany mobile app offers your customers a premium user experience in
shopping your products. The push notification feature alerts them of any new
offering or promotion.
Setting up shop in Fora now and start inviting your customers to follow you.
Click here for pricing info.
Buyers & Consumers Fora is your personal marketplace app for shopping your favorite businesses on your
smartphone. It’s your personal marketplace as only businesses that you choose will be
listed in your app.
With Fora, a single tap will take you to your favorite business. No more URL to
remember and no user ID and password to enter. Ask your favorite businesses to set
up shop in Fora ( so you can shop their business anywhere, anytime on your phone.
The “Fora – My Marketplace” app is available for free download from the
Apple app store and the Google Play store.
You can also text the word Fora to 95577 on your smartphone and follow the link to
download the app.